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Welcome to Intrepid Alpacas, in Tasmania, Australia, home to some of the most beautiful animals you can imagine.

Alpacas are gentle and peaceful animals that are well suited to the temperate climate here in Tasmania.

We've found alpacas to be hardy animals, requiring little maintenence. They also eat grass (of which we have an abundance).

Alpacas are lovely animals to be around and the best part is to sit out on a warm summer night just as the sun is setting and watch the crias run and play. (A cria is a baby alpaca).

The fibre (fleece) that alpacas produce is wonderfully soft and warm, making it perfect for spinning or weaving into clothing and rugs.

Let us share with you, our experiences with alpacas. We have information about baby alpacas, good alpaca books, funny things alpacas do and some home movies.

There are also questions that we are often asked about alpacas. We've tried to include answers to these based on our experience, though we've found every alpaca to be an individual, just like we humans, so what goes for one, won't necessarily be the same for all.

If you like the images on our site, visit our Intrepid Alpaca Store where you can purchase a t-shirt, coffee mug, our calendar and many other items featuring our alpacas.

Please stay a while and enjoy your visit to Intrepid Alpacas.

This page last updated on: 15 October 2015


Alice and cria Alana


Alpaca Books

The Camelid CompanionLlama and Alpaca Neonatal Care

See our Alpaca Books page for
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