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There are many alpaca books available that you may be interested in.

Here are a few that we have found useful. They are usually available through, who we have purchased books from and found to be excellent.

Llama and Alpaca Neonatal Care

Book Cover - Llama and Alpaca Neonatal CareBrad Smith, Karen Long & Partrick O Long. Clay Press Inc

This book is very useful and reassuring to have. It is very straight forward and the information you need can be found easily in a hurry. It covers everything from basic anatomy to emergencies and caring for mum and baby afterwards.

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Caring for Alpacas and Llamas: A Health and Management Guide

Book Cover - Caring for Llamas and AlpacasClare Hoffman DVM & Ingrid Asmus. Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association.

For general information about the day to day care of your alpacas, "Caring for Llamas and Alpacas" is useful. This book covers Travelling, Nutrition, various problems such as wounds, heat & cold and digestive disorders, how to give injections and a section on new borns.

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Llamas and Alpacas as a Metaphor for Life

Book Cover - Llamas and Alpacas as a Metaphor for LifeMarty McGee Bennett, Sandy Flanagan (Photographer), Raccoon Press

This book is lovely. It contains Marty's experiences with these beautiful animals and how it all connects in our own lives. The book is full of wonderful photos of alpacas and Llamas and is presented really well. It would make a lovely gift for someone, or spoil yourself.
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The Alpaca Book

Book Cover - The Alpaca BookEric Hoffman & Murray E Fowler DVM. Clay Press Inc.

The Alpaca Book is a good ol' reliable if you're after alpaca information although it is now a few years old. The book covers Biology, Husbandry and Management, Reproduction & Medical Management.

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Llama Handling and Training The TTEAM Approach

Book Cover - Llama Handling and Training: The TTEAM ApproachMarty McGee. Zephyr Farm Press.

For well mannered alpacas, read up on the Tellington Touch Every Animal Method. It requires you to spend a bit of time with your alpacas but the ideas in Llama Handling and Training, the TTEAM approach are sound and help you understand things from the alpaca's point of view. It can make a big difference to those annoyingly smart alpacas that just won't do what you want.

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Book Cover - The Camelid CompanionThe Camelid Companion

Marty McGee Bennett. Raccoon Press

Another of Marty's excellent books on improving your relationship with your alpacas (or llamas). This book is about training you, the trainer, so your alpacas can easily understand what you want from them.

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