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About Alpacas
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There are a number of questions that are often asked when talking to people about alpacas.

We've tried to answer these here, based on our own experience with alpacas. You will find that every situation will be different though, this is part of the magic of living with alpacas. You are always learning something new about them and coming up with different ways to deal with each individual's personality and behaviour.

ShebaWe hope that these pages will help though.

Are alpacas easy to care for?

What do I feed my alpacas?

What are alpacas like to handle?

Why won't alpacas let me pat them?

Alpacas spit don't they?

Do people eat alpacas?

Are alpacas mulsed, crutched or wigged?

Will I need a barn?

Do I need special fencing?

Can I buy a breeding pair?