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Will I need a barn?

Alpacas in the shadeA great big, warm, insulated barn is high on every alpaca owners wish list.

Many people go to great lengths to build magnificent barns or shelters for their alpacas and are disappointed to find their alpacas sitting out in the rain or snow instead.

In general, we have found that alpacas prefer to be outside. They will seek shelter in extreme circumstances, such as in hot weather, or when they're newly shorn, so having some form of shelter for them is a good idea.

Trees are good for shade and your alpacas will most likely prefer to sit under them than to go into a shed. A three sided shelter will also be utilised by your alpacas, particularly in hot weather.

We have used a portable shade house for one of our paddocks that had no trees.

It can help to feed your alpacas in the shed or shelter and let them come and go from it as they please. This will get them very comfortable being in there.

Alpacas under shade houseWhen confined to a shed, the alpacas will be nervous to start with, not having an escape route, but they tend to settle down quickly once you leave them to it.

It is good peace of mind for you to have a shelter. Particlarly when you have a sick alpaca or a new mum and cria, or if the weather turns bad.

If you do need to confine your alpacas for whatever reason, make sure the shed is free from anything that could injure your alpacas, and always keep at least two alpacas together. They are herd animals and most alpacas will fret or try to get back to the herd if separated.


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