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Alpacas spit don't they?

Yes they do.

Alpaca HottieAlpacas use spitting to disagree with each other and as a form of defence.

If a female alpaca is put in with a male when she is already pregnant, she will spit at him to make him leave her alone. There are also often disagreements over who gets first go at the food as well.

We have found that generally females are more likely to spit than males (males tend to be more physical with each other, while the girls argue by splattering their opponent).

Spitting is often hereditary. You'll see a family group of particularly spitty alpacas and another family which you will rarely if ever see spit at all.

Alpacas tend not to spit directly at a person unless you're doing something that really scares or annoys them. Pregnant alpacas can become more spitty (this is a good way to tell if they're pregnant or not). Those those with their first cria can also spit more as they feel the need to protect their brand new baby.

Once you get to know your alpacas, you can tell when one is going to "let loose" and will have time to move and avoid being splattered.

While it is disgusting to be caught in the way, when you have alpacas you quickly learn that it is a communication tool they use and while it is "yuk", it is nowhere near as revolting as when humans spit at other humans - that is "YUK!".


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