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About Alpacas

The humans at Intrepid Alpacas can often be found messing about in the paddock with the digital camera.

Here are some of our home movies.

Snow Pacas (686kb)
Study of an Alpaca's Nostril (399kb)
Bub's first drink (754kb)
What's so fascinating? (709kb)
Crias playing (755kb)
Crias still playing (422kb)
Up Close & Personal
Unloading (147kb)

These ones have sound
Back at the Milk Bar (1607kb)
Table Manners (1720kb)
Second Hand Carrot (1802kb)
Getting all Romantic (1333kb)
There's a Dog about (1036 kb)
Do Alpacas Spit? (1520kb)

Please note that these are video files, so they'll take a little while to download.
If they won't play for you, download the QuickTime player, it's free.